TMUX Login Wrapper Script

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After watching a talk on Vim & TMUX by Nick Nisi I was inspired to improve on his tm script.

Like Nick’s original, my script allows me to easily attach to running tmux sessions and create ad hoc new onces. I then added the ability to list any tmuxinator configurations I have.

I wanted a workflow where I could easily connect to existing tmux sessions, which Nick’s script did great. However I am already a heavy Tmuxinator user and have several pre-defined configurations (as you can see).

In the example gif video below you can see the general idea in action (forgive the horrid colors, that is another issue I am working on):


Login Shell

I did set this up as my login shell, why? Well with my current ZSH config it can take a second or two for my prompt to load. I haven’t had time to track down why that is happening. After my sessions are loaded then I am not spinning up that many shells.

However waiting on my slow shell session startup just to turn around and launch tmux to launch more ZSH seemed like a waste. By setting tmlogin as my login shell it spins up instantly.

This did cause some minor problems, given that tmlogin is really not a shell. Exporting my real shell in tmlogin seems to have fixed that.

If you find it useful then please drop me a line, it is dirty and hacked together, but it works.

You can view the gist here.